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(I) OM No. F.8(2)–Estt.(Spl)/60 dated 24th January, 1961
(II) OM No. F.6/52/60-Estt.(A) dated 16th February, 1961
(III) OM No. F.16/10/60-Estt.(D) dated 2nd December, 1966
(IV) OM No. 16/5/68-Estt.(D) dated the 5th July, 1968
(V) OM No. 14/8/74-Estt.(C) dated July 11, 1974
(VI) OM No. 49014/1/77-Estt.(C) dated August, 1977
(VII) OM No. 49014/3/78-Estt.(C) dated 14th April, 1978
(VIII) OM No. 49014/4/77-Estt.(C) dated 21st March, 1979
(IX) OM No. 49014/5/79-Estt.(C) dated 26th July, 1979
(X) OM No. 49014/4/77-Estt.(C) dated 10.10. 1979
(XI) OM No. 49014/2/80-Estt.(C) dated 25thFebruary, 1980
(XII) OM No. 49014/7/83-Estt.(C) dated 13th October, 1983
(XIII) OM No. 49014/3/83-Estt.(C) dated 5.1.1984
(XIV) OM No. 49014/19/84-Estt.(C) dated 26th October, 1984
(XV) OM No. 49014/18/84-Estt.(C) dated 7thMay, 1985
(XVI) OM No. 49014/2/86Estt.(C) dated 7th June ,1988
(XVII) OM No. 49014/16/89Estt.(C) dated 16thJuly, 1990
(XVIII) OM No. 49014/4/90Estt.(C) dated 8thApril,1991
(XIX) DO Letter No. 49014/5/92Estt.(C) dated 1stJanuary, 1993 of Secretary(P) to Secretaries to Govt. of India
(XX) DO Letter No. 49014/5/92Estt.(C) dated29th April, 1993 of Secretary(P) to Secretaries to the Govt. of India
(XXI) OM No. 51016/2/90Estt.(C) dated 10th Septemberl, 1993
(XXII) OM No. 49014/2/93Estt.(C) dated 9thMarch, 1994
(XXIII) OM No. 49014/2/93Estt.(C) dated12th July , 1994
(XXIV) OM No. 49014/2/93Estt.(C) dated 2ndAugust , 1995
(XXV) OM No. 49014 /3/96-Estt.(C) dated the 7thOct, 1996
(XXVI) OM No. 49011/2/97-Estt.(C) dated 24thOctober, 1997
(XXVII) OM No. 49014/4/97-Estt.(C) dated 29thJanuaryl, 1998
(XXVIII) OM No. 49014/3/97-Estt.(C) dated 1stApril, 1998
(XXIX) OM No. 40011/6/2002-Estt.(C) dated 6June, 2002
(XXX) OM No. 49014/1/2004-Estt.(C) dated the 23rd July, 2004
(XXXI) OM No. 49014/1/2004-Estt.(C) dated the 26th April, 2004
(XXXII) OM No. 49014/5/2004-Estt.(C) dated the 31st May, 2004