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Office of the Controller of Accounts

Secretary is the Chief Accounting Authority of the Ministry. The Accounts Office, head by the Controller of Accounts, functions under the overall supervision of Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor.

Accounts Office is responsible for making all payments on behalf of the Ministry, collecting receipts, maintaining accounts of the Ministry, and reporting monthly and annual appropriation accounts to the Controller General of Accounts in the Ministry of Finance. The Office also conducts internal audit of various administrative units of the Ministry. Other functions of the Accounts Office include:

Payment of Group Insurance [CGEGIS] accumulations in respect of IAS Officers;

Payment of Loans to State Governments; and

Preparation of Receipt Budget for the Ministry and its submission to Ministry of Finances.

Payments are arranged through a network of five Pay & Accounts Offices, all located in Delhi. Administrative units submit their bills to their respective Pay and Accounts Office under the pre-audit system of payment.

In addition, sixty five administrative units of the Ministry located outside Delhi have been assigned powers to draw cheques on Government Account for meeting their respective expenditure requirements. These cheque drawing powers are regulated by the Pay & Accounts Offices through a system of Letter of Credit [generally issued on quarterly basis]. The paid vouchers submitted by these units on weekly basis are post-audited and incorporated in the accounts of the Ministry.

Receipts on account of examination fee conducted by UPSC and SSC is collected through post offices all over India by sale of Central Recruitment Fee Stamps and credited to Govt. account.

In discharging these functions the Controller of Accounts is assisted by a Deputy Controller of Accounts, 07 Accounts Officers, 19 Assistant Accounts Officers and about 90 accountants and other staff members at various levels.

State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Maharashtra are the accredited Banks of the Ministry.

The office of the Controller of Accounts, M/o Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions operates 5 Grants detailed below:

1-Grant No. 52 - Cabinet

2-Grant No. 70 - Parliamentary Affairs

3-Grant No. 71 - Personnel Public Grievances & Pensions

4-Grant No. 77 - Vice President Secretariat

5-Grant No. 78 - Union Public Service Commission

Statement of Receipts
Scheme Wise Statement of Plan expenditure
Scheme Wise Statement of Non-Plan expenditure
Statement of Receipts and Disbursements
Statement of transfers to PSUs, Autonomous Bodies etc
Statement of Loan released to State Governments during 2010-2011