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<<<< Information and Facilitation Counter >>>>

Facilities available to citizens/pensioners for obtaining information
Department has set up an Information and facilitation counter in Lok Nayak Bhawan to provide information with a public service interface to the pensioners across the counter and to deal with their queries and compliance at a single point.
The Information and Facilitation Counter aims to:
-Provide information regarding services, schemes and procedures through brochures, booklets, reports etc.
-Provide information regarding position of waiting lists and applications through computer screens updated every day and through computerized query to Departmental database.
-Receive complaints including applications under R.T.I., issue acknowledgment slips, indicating the section dealing with the complaints.
The Facilitation Centre is being manned by Section Officer with appropriate orientation, capable of speaking English and local language for handling pensioners and knowledge of use of computers.
Following are details of the concerned official, phone no. etc are as under:
Shri V.R. Damor,,
Section Officer,
Phone No : 011-24652985 (telefax)