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<<<< CCS (Extraordinary Pensions) Rules >>>>

Rules NoGovt. of India Decison

Preliminary (Rule No. 1-3)
1 Short title & Commencement
2 Application
3 Definition

General Conditions (Rule No. 3A,4,5)
3A Eligibility
  Guidelines for conceding attributability of disablement or death to Government Service.
4 Authority
5 Award independent of pension/gratuity which Government Servant is getting.

Mode of operation (6 to 8, 10 to 12 , 12A)
6 Time limit for award
7 Mode of Payment
8 Percentage of loss of earning capacity due to various injuries which results disablement
10 Family pension for widows/children of the Awardees
11 Award for dependant Father/Mother when widow/child is not alive
12 Family Pension/disability under EOP rules
12A Family pension in case of remarriage of widow

13 Procedures to be followed by the Head of office/department while considering the case of Extraordinary pension pertaining to affected employees.
  Government of India Decisions