1. Open the Website "" and go to the link 
ER Sheet(IAS).
2. Main Menu will appear with the following options.
a. Cadre
b. Allotment Year
c. Name
3. a. Select the Cadre
b. Enter the four digit Allotment Year (e.g. 1984)
c. Enter part of the Name
After entering the above parameters, Click on 'Fetch' Button.
4. After clicking on 'Fetch' Button, the System will display in next Screen the following information:
a. Officer's Name, Identity Number
b. Cadre, 
c. Allotment Year and
d. Date of Birth
5. Link has been given on the Officer's Name. By clicking on that link, Complete Bio-Data of the officer will be displayed in the next Screen.
6. Press 'Ctrl  A' (Select all) & 'Ctrl C' (Copy) and  Open Ms-Word & Create New Word Document & 'Ctrl V' (Paste) the contents in that file. Do the necessary modifications if any in that MS-Word file. Include a '*' (star mark) wherever modifications had been done and save that document.
7. Attach that MS-WORD document and send an e-mail to SO(CM) at 'socm[hyphen]dopt[at]nic[dot]in' with necessary supporting documents.
8. Necessary corrections will be incorporated in the ER Sheet and the same will be reflected on the web site with in a short period.