83.    Date from which pension becomes payable

(1)    Except in the case of a Government servant to whom the provisions of Rule 37 apply and subject to the provisions of 1[Rules 9 and 69] a pension other than family pension shall become payable from the date on which a Government servant ceases to be borne on the establishment.
2[    ]

(2)    Pension including family pension shall be payable for the day on which its recipient dies.

Footnote : 1. Substituted by G.I., Dept. of P. & A.R., Notification No. 6 (1)-Pen. (A)/79, dated the 19th May, 1980.
                2. Omitted by G.I., M.F., Notification No. 11 (1)-E. V (A)/73, dated the 14th July, 1975.

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84.    3Currency in which pension is payable

   All pensions including gratuities admissible under these rules shall be payable in rupees in India only.

Footnote : 3. Substituted by G.I., Dept. of P. & A.R., Notification No. 6 (2)-Pen. (A)/79, dated the 1st August, 1980.

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85.    Manner of payment of gratuity and pension

(1)    Except as otherwise provided in these rules, a gratuity shall be paid in lump sum.

4(2)    A pension fixed at monthly rates shall be payable monthly on or after the last working day of the month to which the pension relates except for the month of March when it shall be payable on or after 1st working day of April.

Footnote : 4. Substituted by G.I., Dept. of Pen. & P.W., Notification No. 43/4/92-P. & P.W. (G), dated the 27th November, 1992.

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86.    Application of Treasury Rules

   Save as otherwise provided in these rules, the Treasury Rules of the Central Government shall apply in regard to the procedure of payment -

(i)     of gratuity,

(ii)    of pension,

(iii)    of pension undrawn for more than a year, and

(iv)    of pension in respect of deceased pensioner.

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